Behind the Scenes: Making Eberhard’s Cottage Cheese

Updated: Jul 27

Eberhard’s award-winning cottage cheese is one of our most raved about products: it is deliciously creamy and yet naturally low fat. Today we are taking you behind the scenes to see the step-by-step process which results in the creamiest cottage cheese on the market!

Eberhard’s cottage cheese is made weekly by John Mills. John has been working at Eberhard’s for 12 years and the pride in his work is clear in each delicious batch of cottage cheese that he makes. The techniques that John uses were passed onto him by his uncle, Ken (aka “Milky”), who worked at Eberhard’s for 40 years and was taught directly by one of Eberhard’s Dairy's founders, Richard Eberhard.

Let’s take a closer look at the cottage cheese making process at Eberhard’s Dairy!

Step One: The Pasteurizing Process

Milk from local farms is pasteurized at 165°F., cultures and coagulators are added, and then the milk is covered to rest for 15 hours. This process results in cheese.

Step Two: Test for Firmness

After the mixture has rested, John checks for the firmness of the cheese with a metal stick tester. John knows if the cheese is at the correct firmness if there are pieces remaining on the metal stick tool.

Step Three: Cutting the Cheese Into Curds

Using cheese knives, two people cut the cheese into curds. The cheese then rests for an hour.

Step Four: Cooking

The curds are transferred into a vat that go through 5 steam cooking steps that range between 20-30 minutes in length at temperatures between 114-120°F. Throughout the steam cooking process, the curds are turned from top to bottom (called “turning the curds”) manually with a steel hand shovel.

Step Five: Separating the Curds

The remaining whey is separated from the cheese curds.

Step Six: Adding Dressing

Eberhard’s secret family dressing recipe is manually added and mixed into the curds.

Step Seven: Package and Delivery

The cottage cheese is packaged and hits the shelves of Central Oregon stores in as little as

24 hours!

We hope that you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at our cottage cheese making process. If you haven’t tried our next-level cottage cheese yet, go grab some at your local grocery store today!

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