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Eberhard's Mint Madness Shakes

Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or March Madness, whip up a batch of our Mint Madness Shakes to get into the spirit of the season! If you make the shake, be sure to post and tag us on Instagram or Facebook at @EberhardsDairy.

Ingredients- Makes 2 servings

· 2 Cups Eberhard’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

· 1 Cup of Eberhard’s Whole Milk

· 8oz or 1 Cup of Eberhard’s Heavy Whipping Cream

· 1-2 Tablespoons of Powdered Sugar


1. Pour whipping cream and powdered sugar into a mixing bowl. Using the whisk attachment of your hand held mixer, begin mixing on low speed and increase to medium-high until soft peaks form.

2. Test your whipping cream and add additional powdered sugar if necessary.

3. Using a blender, blend ice cream and whole milk until creamy.

4. Pour milkshake into glasses and top with whipped cream.

5. Enjoy!

Check out these fun variations on the Mint Madness Shake to make your shake your own!

Variation 1:

Add 3 mint cookies (your favorite Thin Mints) to your milkshake mixture.

Variation 2:

Drizzle chocolate syrup in your glass before pouring the in milkshake. Top with green sprinkles and a cherry for an Instagram-able treat.

Variation 3:

For adults over 21, substitute ½ cup of Eberhard’s Milk for ½ cup of your favorite Irish Cream and enjoy a boozy shake.

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