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February Fun Facts

Learn a little bit more about Eberhard's Dairy with these

February Fun Facts.

Fun Fact #1

Do you know how many dairy processing plants are in Central Oregon? The answer is one!

We are the only processing plant in Oregon east of the Cascades, making our products the absolute freshest on the market. This is also the reason we say, "If it isn't Eberhard's it isn't local!"

The only dairy processing plant east of the Cascades!

Fun Fact #2

If you have heard about our history, you know that we were founded by Swiss immigrant, John Eberhard, Sr. in 1951. But do you know about his life in Switzerland before he came to America? John and his 13 siblings lived on a small dairy farm in the “peaceful little village of Schanis at the very base of the Federi Mountain”. The family had 8 cows and 20 goats that they used to make goat cheese and butter and they sold the cow’s milk to the cheese factory in Schanis.

Photo taken in Switzerland by John Eberhard, Sr.

Fun Fact #3

With so many delicious Eberhard’s ice cream flavors to choose from, we checked in with Mark Eberhard to see what his favorite flavor is. And the winner…vanilla! This also happens to be our best-selling ice cream and the winner of many taste test awards throughout the years. Grab a bowl tonight!

Mark Eberhard holding his favorite flavor: vanilla!

Fun Fact #4

Each of Eberhard’s 57 employees are an essential member of the team that brings Central Oregon the freshest dairy products on the market. On the third Wednesday of each month, our staff leaves their lunchboxes at home and are treated to a soup and sandwich spread at Soup Wednesday! This month’s soups were Chicken and Dumplings and Broccoli Cheddar. In addition to dairy, we also distribute a wide variety of soups, meats, pastries, and other food items. A full list can be found on our website:

Soup's on for our 57 employees!

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