Our History


Eberhard’s Dairy Products was founded by Swiss immigrant Jack Eberhard. The dairy began as a Swift & Company cream buying station. Jack purchased farm separated cream from local farmers and sold it to the community, beginning his passion for developing local dairy products.


We purchased our current building and expanded the cream buying station with butter. Once our butter churn was installed the Eberhard’s “Heart of Oregon” brand was established.



Following the development of the brand we expanded: buying manufacture grade milk, separating it, and turning it into cream and butter in addition to non-fat dry milk.

By January our dairy started processing milk, buttermilk, half & half, chocolate milk, whipping cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and ice cream to become a full line processing dairy.


We used the “Heart of Oregon” label from 1953 to 1983. After that, we joined the Quality Chek’d Products Association and became “Eberhard’s Quality Chek’d” providing additional resources for purchasing, marketing and food safety programs.


Second generation Jack Eberhard (right), Bob Eberhard (left), and Richard Eberhard (center)started running the family business. Jack retired in 2003, Richard retired in 2005, and Bob was active in the business until 2017. 


Eberhard’s Dairy made a formal commitment to sustainable dairy practices. We established the policy to purchase milk from farmers whose cows have no growth hormones.


Moo Moo Belle was introduced as our company logo. You can spot her on our product labels and even meet her in person at summer events around Central Oregon!


Eberhard’s Dairy is currently owned and operated by 3rd generation Mark Eberhard. You can find our milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, and ice cream in stores and restaurants throughout Central Oregon. And if you don't see our products, be sure to tell your manager "I want my Eberhard's!"